Considering importing?

If you’re considering importing, follow our top tips to take control of your imports…

Take control of your imports

On average, the value of goods that the UK imports is almost £4 billion higher than it exports.* Why? Well for many reasons, but it’s often because there are elements of what we produce in the UK that can be sourced more economically overseas, whether it’s simply a component or a finished product.

So, if you’re thinking of importing, follow these tips to take control of your imports:

  • When importing, it’s important to remember that it’s not just about you and your customers. There are many people involved in the supply chain, from Customs to banks and insurers to international carriers. Familiarise yourself with how trade is conducted in other countries, different business practices, cultures, customs and currencies.
  • Success depends on developing a robust import strategy, thorough market research and knowing where to go for help, advice and support.
  • Dealing with the middleman – somebody you don’t know – can have its complications. Reduce the risk of fraud by using an importing service that has a secure account number.
  • Once you have found a supplier that you are happy to do regular business with, send them one set of instructions that they can refer to each time they ship to you. This will significantly reduce delays on your imports.
  • Don’t settle for multiple bookings, invoices and shipments in different currencies. Enjoy complete control and visibility of your imports with one account number and one invoice.

With a secure account number, meaning your shipper never knows your account details, and a standing authorisation function, DHL’s Import Express service makes importing simple. In addition, you benefit from up front door-to-door pricing and invoices billed locally in £GBP so you don’t have to worry about currency fluctuations or additional delivery fees.

Find out more about DHL Import Express here.

* Figure based on HMRC data taken from December 2012 – February 2013



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