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Trade Secretary’s digital plan | 6 tips for business growth | From B2B to D2C

Published 23/09/2021

In her first speech since being appointed as International Trade Secretary, Anne-Marie Trevelyan has unveiled the government’s five-point plan to establish free and fair digital trade, opening up more opportunities for British businesses and consumers in the global marketplace. The new plan will aim to make it easier to buy and sell goods internationally, as […]


Entrepreneurial aspirations | DHL e-vehicle expansion | Licence to deliver

Published 16/09/2021

Research from NatWest has found that the number of people wanting to become entrepreneurs has increased by 50% compared to pre-COVID times. The study, which interviewed participants aged between 18 and 80, also highlighted areas for improvement in order to give aspiring businesspeople a better chance of success. These included better entrepreneurial education at school […]


UK-Australia trade | Mobile apps | Latest e-commerce news

Published 9/09/2021

British rail companies are set to receive a huge boost in export opportunities, with the UK-Australia trade deal agreeing to remove the 5% tariff on rail products. As a result, UK companies will be more competitive in the market, with equal access to billions of dollars of government contracts. International Trade Secretary, Liz Truss, said: […]


New Trade Envoys | UK confident of recovery | Latest e-commerce news

Published 2/09/2021

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced several Trade Envoy appointments who will be allocated to countries across the world to boost British business opportunities globally. Last year Trade Envoys, a voluntary position assigned to MPs, were involved in over £16 billion in UK exports and are already responsible for building trade relationships in over […]


UK-New Zealand trade | Whisky exports growing | Latest e-commerce news

Published 26/08/2021

The latest round of negotiations between the UK and New Zealand brings good news to British shoppers and exporters, who will benefit from tariff-free trade on goods such as clothing, cars, food and drink. International Trade Secretary, Liz Truss, said: “We are both big fans of each other’s high-quality products, so this could be a […]


UK economy recovery | Emerging e-tail markets | Latest e-commerce news

Published 19/08/2021

According to official figures, the UK economy grew by 4.8% between April and June. Whilst the figures are slightly short of expectations, forecasts are predicting that the economy should return to pre-pandemic levels later this year. Consumer spending, which rose by 7.3% over the quarter, has been the biggest factor behind the upturn, with the […]


UK-ASEAN agreement | BCC Net Zero findings | Olympic e-commerce

Published 12/08/2021

After submitting its application in 2020, the UK has become a Dialogue Partner with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The partnership will see a closer relationship between them on issues such as trade, investment, climate change, environmental, science, technology and education. International Trade Secretary, Liz Truss, said: “Along with CPTPP accession and deals […]


Key marketing strategies | B2B marketplaces | Latest e-commerce news

Published 5/08/2021

For small business owners, one of the biggest challenges is standing out from the crowd, especially when you are competing with other businesses of similar sizes or bigger, but might not have the same budget or resources to work with. So what can you do to grow your business and achieve your marketing goals?


Leading our green future | UK wine imports | Latest e-commerce news

Published 29/07/2021

In response to the latest report on Green Trade, William Bain, Head of Trade Policy at the BCC has released a statement, declaring that businesses have a big part to play in the green transition, and that there needs to be support in order for them to access the new green market. In the press […]


New UK trading scheme | B2B revolution | Latest e-commerce news

Published 22/07/2021

This week the UK has launched its proposal for the Developing Countries Trading Scheme (DCTS). Through reduced tariffs and streamlining the rules of origin requirements, it will provide greater trading opportunities between the UK and lower-income nations, allowing them to grow their economy from within and reduce poverty. In return, the UK would benefit from […]


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