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Chamber Awards 2014: Regional Winners Announced

80 businesses have been announced as this year’s regional Chamber Award winners, spanning nine award categories. DHL Express sponsored the category ‘Achievement in International Business’, and we’re very pleased that eight companies from across the UK have demonstrated exceptional skill at entering new markets. Other categories include the ‘Young Person in Business Award’ and ‘Excellence in Innovation’.

Representatives from the organisations are now invited to a gala awards dinner in the Tower of London on 27 November, where one business will be awarded ‘Business of the Year’ and a £10,000 cash reward.

Click through for the full list of the regional winners and for more information about the Chamber Awards.


Doing business with the Americas – review

Britain’s exports to the Americas region exceeded £44 billion in 2012. £32.3 billion of these went to the USA – the UK’s number one export destination – but trade with the other countries in the Americas, from Canada to Colombia, is on the rise.

To make it easier for British businesses to understand the key markets of the Americas, we have developed destination guides and fact sheets as well as a ‘Trading with the Americas’ overview. Interviews with our Customs Support team provide bite-sized top tips to simplify shipping to the US, Canada and Brazil.

Click here for our summary overview of doing business with the western hemisphere.


Guidance for calculating destination taxes and duties

Our customers often ask how they can easily determine the final price of sending a shipment – especially when it comes to finding out what taxes and duties will be applied at destination. To support our customers, we developed our easy-to-use Trade Automation Services (TAS) tool to calculate your shipments’ landed costs, i.e. taxes and duties applied at destination, as well as transportation costs.

We also offer further support: many customers don’t know that if your shipment exceeds the low-value threshold, tax and duty invoice will be sent to the receiver. But we offer a way around this: when you’re using DHL’s DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) service, the shipper receives those destination tax and duty invoices. Using the DDP service allows you to provide one cost to your customer, thus streamlining your service offering.

Find out more about how TAS can help you when going global and for more about our DDP service contact your Account Manager or our Business Advisor team.


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