Autumn Budget 2017: Key takeaways

Published 23rd November 2017

UK economic growth The chancellor took, what he termed, a balanced approach to the 2017 Autumn Budget. Ahead of the Budget Mr Hammond said he would use it to “look forward, embrace change, meet our challenges head on and seize the opportunities for Britain.” There was a focus on supporting families and businesses in the […]


Southeast Asia: a promising and fast-growing market for trade

Published 11th November 2017

Dominant trends in Middle East Markets Increasing economic diversification Many of the countries in the Middle East are energy exporters with “fiscal cushions” that remain robust even when energy prices fluctuate. However, the countries are aware that natural oil is a finite resource and are taking active steps to plan for the future and expand […]


Using e-commerce to enter the Chinese market: A Case Study

Published 30th September 2017

When Christopher moved to Beijing to work as an education consultant and study Mandarin, he noticed that many of his students were developing serious respiratory illnesses as a result of air pollution. Determined to find a solution, Christopher carried out extensive product research and now runs Cambridge Mask Company, which manufactures anti-pollution masks in the […]


How to use social media to expand your business in target markets

Published 29th April 2017

Here’s what you should consider to develop your strategy: Where is your target market? Firstly, you should look at where your audience is based, as different countries prefer different social media channels. Once you have identified your target market, consider what channels they actually use. Each social network has different strengths and weaknesses and different […]


3 ways to effectively reach an international audience using online platforms

Published 6th April 2017

1: Take advantage of the rise in mobile connectivity First of all, recognise that you can now reach potential customers anywhere in the world, at any time. The average person checks their smartphone 200 times a day, and beyond our phones we’re also connected to the internet through other devices from desktop computers to tablets. […]


British Chambers of Commerce Annual Conference 2016 – An overview

Published 10th March 2016

b>The global economy continues to fluctuate, but there are still plenty of opportunities for British businesses to succeed In her opening speech, President of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) Nora Senior directly addressed that the changing global climate – including the economic slowdown in China, unprecedented migration in Europe, and Britain’s future in the […]


International Trade Conference 2015: Main takeaways

Published 4th November 2015

The main themes of the event were: British businesses need to become serious about exporting The businesses and organisations which attended the International Trade Conference clearly have a strong interest in exporting. Still, speakers such as the BCC’s Director General John Longworth and Kevin Brannan, Shadow Minister for Business, Innovation and Skills, made it clear […]


5 steps to make your company website or online store attractive for your target markets

Published 14th April 2015

Especially if you’re thinking of trading internationally, your website or e-commerce store needs to reflect your target market and motivate your web visitors to stay on (and purchase from!) your site. We’ve put together the following steps to ensure that your website reaches and engages the right market. 1.     Research your audience Decide who your target […]


Find the best target markets for your business in 5 steps

Published 1st April 2015

1. Take a good look at your business and products Analyse trends in your industry and demand for your products to gain a better picture of how they will sell in the future – both domestically and internationally. Also, if you’re already getting questions about your products from people in other countries or your website […]




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