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Bumper year for UK online retailers | Global economic upswing | Seizing the ecommerce opportunity

Bumper year for UK online shopping and ecommerce ahead
The online shopping market is growing strongly in the UK, with 87 per cent of consumers buying at least one product online in the last year.
In the next 12 months, the market is set to improve further. According to the Office for National Statistics, online sales increased by 21.3 per cent during 2016 and should reach 30 per cent by the second half of 2017.
It is predicted that 18 per cent of all retail sales will take place online by 2018. And by 2040, 95 per cent of purchases will be facilitated by ecommerce.

Brighter days for the global economy
A global economic upswing seems underway, according to The Economist.
US growth has meant rising interest rates and in Europe the sentiment index is at its highest since 2011 with unemployment at an eight-year low.
Further afield South Korean exports grew by over 20 per cent, Taiwanese manufacturers saw 12 months of expansion, and Brazil is likely to add to global GDP this year rather than subtract from it. The Institute of International Finance reports that January saw the developing world’s fastest monthly growth since 2011.
Seizing the ecommerce opportunity
Abigail Brodie, Director of Ecommerce at DHL Express UK, talks to Internet Retailing Magazine about the rise of online retail and the opportunities it presents for UK businesses.
She shares hints and tips for businesses looking to reach new overseas markets – including important considerations to ensure your website is both accessible and appealing to international shoppers.
“This change in shopping habits presents huge opportunities for online retailers, particularly those in the UK. British products have long been recognised around the world as a hallmark of quality and they still are.”
To learn more about how DHL Express can help you seize the ecommerce opportunity read the article in full.

Thursday 23 March 2017

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