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British Chambers ITC 2014 | A ‘new G7’? | DHL global trade map

The International Trade Conference: event review & highlights

We were delighted to be on site at the International Trade Conference in London last Thursday. Organised by the British Chambers of Commerce, the event was a resounding success: more than 600 trade specialists, exporters, business leaders and policy makers came together under the theme ‘Global Network, Global Opportunities’ to network, listen to inspiring presentations and panels and participate in seminars discussing new developments in international trade and how to become a successful global exporter.

We live-tweeted the action during the day, including highlights such as entrepreneur Theo Paphitis and designer Anya Hindmarch’s speeches sharing their experiences and advice when it comes to going global successfully.

Here is our summary of the day’s highlights.

Emerging Markets on the rise: A new G7?

We’ve been focusing on Emerging Markets quite heavily these past weeks, and new developments keep on coming. Last week, the International Monetary Fund released its latest World Economic Outlook – and one of the most important findings was that the seven largest emerging markets are now bigger, in terms of GDP, than the long established G7 group of industrialised nations. The new ‘hypothetical G7’ (the FT’s phrase) includes the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and three MINT economies: Mexico, Indonesia (now the world’s ninth largest economy) and Turkey. This group has a combined GDP of US$ 37.8 trillion (at PPP) compared to US$ 34.5 trillion for the ‘old’ G7: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US.

Though the countries’ GDP was measured at purchasing power parity (PPP), which can be an imprecise gauge, the results show that world has undergone an undeniable economic shift; half of the twenty largest economies are now emerging markets. Beyond the ‘new G7’, Nigeria has leapt from place 30 to 20 after the government rebased its GDP measurement.

If you’d like to know more about the latest international trade developments, visit our blog or follow us @DHLExpressUK.


The DHL global trade map: Find your next export destination

If all the positive news about international trade and emerging economies has whet your appetite for expanding into new markets, do check out the DHL global trade map for practical advice on where to take your business next.

Our useful tool gives an overview of key market facts of more than 20 destinations around the world. Country-specific links include our own destination and export guides, the UKTI’s local market opportunities overviews and, where applicable, additional resources such as Chambers of Commerce / Export Britain country snapshots and Customs guidance videos for trading with specific markets.

Click here to access the map and explore new international trade opportunities for your business.


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