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British Chambers Conference | India | The Delivery Conference

British Chambers Annual Conference: Succeeding in a global economy

On 10 February, the British Chambers of Commerce Annual Conference will take place in central London. Focused on the theme ‘A business plan for Britain’, the event aims to highlight how British businesses can best succeed in a globalised economy.

The conference promises a fantastic line-up of speakers from the worlds of business, politics and the media, as well as our own Phil Couchman, CEO, DHL Express UK and Ireland.

DHL is sponsoring this must-attend event and we’ll be live tweeting on the day – so keep an eye on our Twitter feed and track the Twitter hashtag #bccconf for the latest updates.


Emerging Consumer Survey 2015: India tops scorecard

Financial services provider Credit Suisse surveyed consumers in a range of emerging markets, revealing especially high potential for businesses looking to target India’s consumers.

Credit Suisse conducted the survey in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and South Africa. The results show that consumer behaviour is segmented by country – there is no generic ‘emerging market consumer’. India stood out as the country consumers rank highly in terms of personal finances and household incomes, with many planning to soon make a major purchase. The survey also revealed strong growth in India’s Internet shopping behaviour: while only 20 per cent of respondents from India shopped online in 2013, this figure has now risen to 32 per cent.

Read the full report here, and visit the DHL Guide to find out more about trading with emerging markets (and specifically India) and using e-commerce to showcase your goods globally.


E-commerce insights from The Delivery Conference

On 3 February, The Delivery Conference took place in London with participants including Google, Alibaba Group EMEA, online payment platform BitPay and a range of logistics providers.

Discussion points included general innovations in delivery logistics, but also focused on the key area where the interests of retailers and logistics providers intersect: improving the e-commerce customer experience. The conference thus addressed how retailers and logistics providers can work together more closely on responding to customer needs. This is both on a direct customer-facing level, such as offering Sunday deliveries (which 70 per cent of customers are interested in) as well as on a more holistic level such as reviewing supply chains to adjust to the increased globalisation of e-commerce.

To find out more about how you can succeed at selling your products to new markets using online platforms, read our article about driving global e-commerce.


05 February 2015

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