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On 29 March 2017, the UK Prime Minister Theresa May formally triggered Article 50 of the European Treaties and notified our European partners about the UK’s decision to leave the EU at the end of a two-year negotiation period.

Since Theresa May’s announcement in January 2017 that the UK would leave the EU Single Market and the customs union, a number of questions have arisen around the future of international trade. In particular there is a focus on the ambition to pursue a bold free trade agreement
and new customs arrangements with the EU, while advancing trade opportunities with other countries across the world. As the UK government seeks to deliver these objectives, DHL has been working with trade associations, stakeholders and customers to identify the potential
implications of Brexit and to ensure the best possible outcomes are in place to facilitate international trade for your business.

As negotiations progress, we will keep proactively engaging with government and trade bodies to ensure your needs are understood and that your voice is heard. We already support businesses who trade and ship across the world, and as experts in international customs, we are
confident that we can carry on guiding you through any new logistics adjustments you may face through the Brexit transition.

With our unique and broad network of certified international specialists, which includes over 350 dedicated customs professionals, we already process several million customs transactions each year, operate 18 bonded or customs warehouses in the UK and are a registered Authorised Economic Operator (AEO).

DHL is looking to the future: we will continue to help you realise your international potential and support you in taking advantage of the global opportunities that are out there. Despite some preconceptions, global trade has gained momentum. Investment in advanced economies has firmed trade flow and there is also an improved demand for commodities from markets across the world. Although our economy has been affected by Brexit in the short term, the UK has the potential to outperform some of the world’s current economic leaders by 2050.

DHL will continue to be there every step of the way and will support your trade requirements in a post-Brexit Britain.


How will Brexit affect my business?

It is too early yet to detail exactly what the implications of Brexit might be in the longer term, however, if decisions are made which affect international trade, we will update you as soon possible. At this stage, there will be no changes to how we operate our business here in the UK. Regardless of the outcome of the exit negotiations, we will continue to support our customers, focusing on delivering and providing you with the seamless service you expect from us. DHL is the leading logistics supplier in the UK and our specialist teams are here to support your growth in European and international markets.

How can I be sure my shipments won't be delayed?

As a general principle, DHL is accustomed to dealing with political, regulatory, social and economic changes around the world. We are confident that we can make any necessary adjustments that may be needed to ensure that disruption to our operations is averted and our service levels maintained. We stand ready to assist our customers in finding practical and pragmatic solutions to any impacts or changes which may occur.

Who should I contact regarding Brexit concerns in general, or customs issues in particular?

We have customs specialists who can advise on particular customs-related questions. We also benefit from a broad network of experts across the globe who can provide you with advice where required. The first point of contact should be your account manager who will be able to facilitate any further discussion.

What is DHL doing to prepare for Brexit?

The EU is a unique market of 500 million customers and DHL will continue to work with the government to ensure the interests of our customers in the UK are safeguarded. We have DHL representation on various global trade organisations and domestic trade bodies and are also active members of a number of EU and UK workstreams. DHL has always constructively engaged with policymakers in Whitehall, Westminster and the devolved administrations to showcase our customers’ contribution to jobs and growth in the UK. We will continue to inform UK policymakers about the key issues affecting the business and will keep providing expert input to current policy discussions to help make a success of Brexit, while ensuring that cross border trade is not disrupted, that stability and confidence in the international supply chain is maintained, and that any concerns our employees and customers might have are addressed.

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For more informtion download our Brexit Information leaflet.

Should you have any Brexit-related queries, please contact your DHL Account Manager.

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