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Quarterly International Trade Outlook (QITO) for Q4 2016

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Posted by DHL Express UK : Posted on February 23, 2017

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), in partnership with DHL, has launched its Quarterly International Trade Outlook for Q4 – October to December – 2016.


The QITO report is designed to give British businesses a better understanding of international opportunities, with a focus on dynamic new markets. It also features a Trade Confidence Index, which provides insight into the UK’s international trade.

Overall, the findings of the latest QITO show that despite the uncertainty around Britain’s future trade relationship with the EU, UK businesses are clearly continuing to cross-border trade. Most importantly, Britain’s manufacturers and service providers alike are confident that their profitability will either increase or remain constant moving forward.

In his foreword to the report DHL Express UK & Ireland CEO Ian Wilson welcomes this positive attitude:

“UK exporters continue to be undeterred in their ambition to take their products and services overseas.”

He also emphasises that thanks to the “rapid evolution of ecommerce and technology”, more British businesses than ever before can go global more quickly – making their products “more accessible than ever”.

Dr Adam Marshall, BCC Director General, also considers the results positive: “Our findings serve as a reminder that it is businesses that trade with other businesses, not governments.” He does however stress that the government needs to support businesses in order for them to reach their trade potential.

Trade Confidence Index
The Trade Confidence Index stands at 119.96. This represents a quarter-on-quarter decrease of 1.4 per cent, but is up 4.8 per cent from Q4 2015.

Export Sales and orders
In the manufacturing sector, the balance of firms reporting improvements in export sales over the previous three months fell slightly by one point to +16 per cent in Q4 2016. The balance of manufacturers reporting improved export orders rose to +13 from +12 in Q3. The services sector fared slightly better: the balance of firms reporting improved export sales remained at +8, while the balance of services reporting improved export orders rose from +5 to +6.

Read the full Q4 2016 QITO here

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